Saturday, 1 October 2011

9 Freebies!

I'm on cloud 9!  It's Hunting 9 vol 2 from 30th September until 9th October.  Last year I missed vol 1, as I remember I quit too soon.  This time I found all 9 goodies in 48 hours.  I was excited and went out exploring a new sim.  I found two good spots at Heart of Taiwan for photography.  My friend told me that Chihlee Street on this sim was created exactly out of RL.

What am I wearing?

Top & Bottom:  Amerie
Hat:  Amerie
Hair:  Tukinowaguma (men's also available)
Goggle:   Kumaki Glasses Style (this awesome item used MESH.  Needs to use viewer 3) 
Boots:  R2 Fashion (not a hunt item)

Photograph by:  Leo Correia 

What am I wearing?

Goggles:  Kumaki Glasses Style
Hair:  Tukinowaguma 

Heart of Taiwan - Chihlee Street

What am I wearing?

Jacket:  LikeA
Tank Top:  Grasp
Jeans:  LikeA
Scarf:  Connors
Handbag:  Grasp (special prize from the Hunt)
Hair:  EMO-tions (not a hunt item)
Glasses:  Alphavillain (not a hunt item)
Shoes:  ANEXX (not a hunt item)

Hunting9 starting point:  

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