About Me

My 2014 Skin

I am a resident avatar of Second Life® rezzed on 8/8/2008.  I love shopping, exploring fashion and trying out different styles.  I appreciate and support quality designs irrespective of the popularity of the brands.  I will most often be showcasing my styling ideas and tastes, which, sometimes might be totally different from the designers' concept or brand image.

I had worked as a live Store Model for almost 2 years and saved my money to study modelling where I graduated from GLANCE Model Academy in August 2011.  After graduation, I started this blog and have been enjoying it ever since.

I am not a professional writer or a professional artist/photographer/designer.  Everything you read are my own views and opinions.   All photos are done by me and all clothes are modelled by me, unless otherwise stated.  I try my best to present my photos showcasing the fashion and style as clear as possible with minimal editing.  

I may not publish the full details of my outfits and images except sponsored items/review items provided by designers which will always be listed in details complete with Landmark.

Shoppers, if you wish to have the LM of any outfits on my blog, please feel free to send me a private message or email, I will gladly provide them.

This is my first blog in both Second Life and real life.  I love to learn and to improve myself all the time.  Your comments are welcomed.  

Thank you for reading!


My past years' skins.