Review Policy & Advertisement

Review Item

I normally don't ask for reviewer copies, so please feel free to contact me in-world if you like my styling and would like me to blog about your designs.  I am generally quite versatile and prefer styling without any restrictions from designers (perhaps this could be another style of showcasing your designs).

Please drop me your item(s) and a notecard with information that you may like me to include in my blog.  Sometimes I may not receive your items, but I could respond to you if you would also leave me an offline message.  I would also appreciate it if you would allow me at least 5 days to publish your items on my blog.  However, I can't assure you that I will blog your product if it is not to my liking.  


I accept both advertisements for Second Life and real life.  For enquiries about advertisements,  please send me a message here.  

Thank you for considering me.

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