Friday, 30 December 2011

Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting

The year is ending soon.  Yet it seems like it has just begun.  May be it is because I have started on a few new things this year.  I am so glad I did.  This whole new experience have been remarkable.  

I have had the opportunities to work with designers, photographers and a few people in the fashion industry.  I am grateful and will always remember those people I met who have been so kind to me.  I appreciate very much, my modeling trainer, Roe Woodford, who had shared much of her experience and taught me well.  I am also thankful of a few great friends who have stand by me in my pursuit.  "Little keys open big locks, simple words reflect great motivations"!

We will soon welcome the dawn of a new year.  It is time to reflect on aspirations and set resolutions.  Sound so old school?  Well, I have my new year resolutions set and eagerly looking forward to the new year.  
Celebrating the new year countdown in SL with friends around the globe is sensational.  I remember there was one year, I was at a countdown event by LL with my SL friends.  We watched the clocks around the world strike 12 midnight, cheered and danced excitedly when each clock touched midnight.  I hope there will be a same event this year.

I have got ready this little black dress for the party.  It can be worn as a short short dress or a t-shirt.  It was designed by Carolina Kayor.  I met this talented  and very nice designer by chance.  She gave me many of her items without any requests and I decided to blog this dress.  "Blessed are those who give and not remembering... "  All her designs can be found on marketplace.  

Happy Shopping and Happy New Year, everyone!

Photograph by Carolina Kayor

What am I wearing?

Dress T-shirt:  Princess :: C&F ::  
Leggings:  -paper doll-
Hair:  Exile
Lip Gloss:  **JOMO**
Earrings / Necklace / Nails / Rings:  +:+WTG+:+
Boots:  LaRosa

** The detailed information about my outfits will be gladly provided through private message or email.  Thank you.

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