Tuesday, 6 November 2012

I Am Still Around

It's tough being a model.  We paid a huge sum to attend modelling school, committed our time for all the classes, graduated and then we went on to spend a large amount of money on a good skin, lots of hairs, make-up, accessories.....  But, there are very few modelling jobs that come by. Even if there are, the pay isn't enough to cover our personal grooming.  There is always a 'price' to pay to become a super model  and  beauty queen.  In real life, being a model is equally tough too, with many top fashion and cosmetic brands now rather use celebrities to represent their brands instead of top models. 

I guess, I won't be having much opportunities to do runway fashion shows and be on print ads, but I found what I enjoy most... to write on my little blog, to style up and do my own little photoshoots.   There are much more freedom this way than to work within a certain constrain.  A quote by Cyril Connolly stated - "better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self."  So I truly appreciate those who took the time to read my blog and the few designers who have given me the chance to blog for them.  The little freedom I enjoy here really means a lot to me.

In these pictures, I am wearing one of  Legal Insanity new outfit, Cindy Jersey Dress.  This dress comes in six colour choices of flowers.  I have picked the brown one and matched it with a pair of orange colour sneaker boots, and add on a hairstyle with hair pulled high up to the right.  The overall look is a young and vibrant style.

I am wearing ....

Skin:  MyDear ~ May Skin - Medium 2
Hair:  Ploom ~ Jemma - Brown
Dress:  Legal Insanity ~ Cindy Jersey Dress Flowers - Brown (matching leather belt included ) [all mesh]
Necklace:  Miam Miam Jewelry ~ Circle Charm (15 colours changeable) {Marketplace Store}
Shoes:  Blueberry ~ Knee High Sneaker Boots - Orange

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