Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Two Pure Delights!

Soul has just released its first collections of skins - Ardor Daisy, Kiss Rose and Tripolium Aster.  Each includes 6 skin tones and so many other things such as Lolas Tango, Lush, Phat Azz, eyes, eyelashes, etc etc....  And the price for it is such a steal!

The one that look best on my shape is Ardor Daisy as seen in the photo below.  I like it lots!

NEW Release!  Skin by Soul

To Be Unique is a ladies fashion store, as you might have known, that always put in extras with each apparel. That really saves time looking for matching shoes, handbags or accessories.  And there is always a host of textures changeable with a HUD that comes with the outfit.  It's a BIG Fat Pack at a steal!!!

Annis, this dress on me is newly released by To Be Unique.  It is another HUGE pack of optional add-ons of beanie, wool collar, leg warmers heels and tip toe mesh feet.  They are all non-rigged mesh except 2 items, the dress and a second beanie which are rigged.  All items have a choice of 25 textures changeable with HUD and resizeable for non-rigged mesh items. 

NEW Release!  Dress & Accessories by To Be Unique

I am wearing ....

Hair:  Dura ~ Halloween Gift 2013
Skin:  Soul ~ Daisy Skin Ginger - Vanilla  (mole not included)
Hat+Dress+Leg Warmers+Heels:  To Be Unique ~ Annis (Texture Changeable)
Handbag:  Klepsydra ~ Vanessa Clutch - Beige

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