Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Busy Exploring Real Life

I know my blog has been in hibernation for quite some time.   I didn't realise it has been one and a half months ago that I had posted.  I lost count of time.  

I was about 2480 km or 3 hours 50 minutes flight time away from home, exploring some spectacular real life destinations.  Though I am back at home now, my heart and mind was still thousands of kilometres away. It took me a few weeks to recollect myself.  

I logged in to SL to check if I was ejected from my regular bloggers groups.  Immediately, I was buried under masses of group notices etc etc.  Thank goodness, all my regular bloggers groups are intact.... thank you to whom this may concerned!  I am so outdated, so much to catch-up with and so lost ....

As I dawdle, not sure of my next move, this song was playing on the radio.  It's a new release sung by Colbie Caillat, about how people trying so hard to fit in by dressing up to impress and they don't need to.

I think I might be back continuing my blog as usual, but may be with some changes.  I don't know. Meanwhile, I hope you will enjoy this song!

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