Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A car show model?

Nope, I am not a car show model!  [laughs]

I was shopping today and found this car on the sim.  It blew me away!!!  It was a Mini Cooper Cabrio look alike!!!  I am crazy over Mini Coopers in RL!

It was so irresistible that I had to pose next to this fun little car.

What am I wearing?  

Hair by Plume
Dress by Sweetest Goodbye
Shoes by R2 fashion
Jewelries by WTG

I had to tp over to the creator's showroom, Aoba at Yamashita to have a good look at it.  I was very impressed with his work.  He had made a few modifications to the car but that shape cannot escaped my eyes.  This beautifully made car has a lot to offer!  See the specs in my snapshot below.  There is also a circuit at Yamashita which you can rezz the car and go for a spin.  Want to race with me?  I could do with some practising first.  So please be patient with me.  [giggles]

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