Monday, 8 August 2011

Weaving my dreams

Today, I celebrated my 3rd rezz day in SL... a bit wiser than before and a bit ‘richer’ than before.  Looking back, I have come a long way.... from the newbie days, chasing after lucky chairs for pretty outfits and camping for Lindens, meeting new avatars, working and earning.  After a while, I got bored with these activities.  There were times I thought of quitting SL if not because of a few close friends whom I really treasure their friendships.

Things took a big change when I found my options... my dreams.  I learned that a dream gives me a purpose in this life... an objective, a goal.  Something to keep me going and something to work for.  A journey with dreams definitely makes life more interesting even though I do not know if I would achieve my dreams one day.  I will follow the light from within, go the distance and will taste the sweetness.

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