Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Not trendy but classic

I asked my friend today, about my looks in this outfit.  Without hesitation, she said that I looked like a teacher, or an office lady.  And I laughed.   Those were very straight forward answers.  She used the exact words. 

Well, what can I say?  *laughs*  I found these pieces of outfits from COCO's clearance sales.  The first thought that came across my mind was that they are timeless classics.... clean and unpolluted.  This Oxford Shoes are immaculate!  Cocoro Lemon has been making marvelous designs and flawless outfits in every angle.  Kudos to this great designer!

Oh, these glasses!!!  I got it from playing Gacha at cozy little store!!  *laughs*  With just one attempt and I got what I wanted!  I hardly play Gacha and I had never enjoyed it this much.  There was a voice congratulated me when I won.  And I played again on the second Gacha at the store. And again I won a pair of glasses that I liked!  

What am I wearing?

Top by COCO
Bottom by COCO (prim belt included)
Shoes by COCO
Hair by Amacci
Earrings by Burroughs
~ Photos by Leo Correia ~

Glasses by Alphavillain

~ Photo by Leo Correia ~

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