Sunday, 4 September 2011

Mass Wedding Services Coming To SL!

I was invited to a new business launch party last Sunday. Just at the right timing, Bliss Couture had a new release named “Gatejita” and so I bought the red one for wearing to the party.

The new business is a mass wedding service organizer. It is quite unusual, or I should say there is none exist in SL. Mass wedding is a group wedding of several couples marrying at the same time in one ceremony.  This is sometimes preferred for budget reasons.

In Asia, it is not totally unheard of, as most of the time a mass wedding is held on a special date. I can recall a few occasions in the past, dates such as 8-8-88, 9-9-99, 10-10-10 and in the leap year - February 29. It is interesting to know that mass wedding services is now available in SL too.

Photo shoot site: Chapel Of Love wedding venue ( 

What am I wearing?

Dress by *Bliss Couture* ~ Gatejita Red
Hair by .ploom. ~ Dusty Beehive
Earrings by Donna Flora ~ Dream
SL Mass Wedding Services

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