Thursday, 8 September 2011

Earthy Tones and Eco Home

My friend has invited me to her new house - a tree house! I have mixed feelings about tree houses. I wasn't sure how to dress for that. Images of a rustic tree house crossed my mind but she painted the picture of a modern home to me. So I decided to wear earthy tones and I put together these outfits.

Miel's store was truly extraordinary! Almost all of the items sold at Miel come with demos. Tops, bottoms, dresses, scarf, watches, glasses, shoes and hairs. You can never bought the wrong thing here! I have yet been to any other stores like Miel's. I wish there are more of such stores in SL!

The interior of the tree house.

What am I wearing?

Top by Sweetest Goodbye [SG*]
Pants by MIEL

Shoes by Garbiel ::GB:: 
Hair by Damselfly Hair
Jewelries Set by Glamorize

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