Monday, 20 February 2012

I Am Divided!

I am divided over this set of outfits from Glow Designs.  The original set is a formal wear (Style #1) as shown in the bottom two pictures but I took it a bit further and came up with my own style (Style #2).  

I have always enjoy tweaking clothes into my own style and trying to put together a different look other than the designers'.  I found that I feel much more at ease and not pressured to produce a style on my blog that designers want.  May be this makes me unpopular too. :P  But, I am enjoying the ride and not chasing the shadows.  This is what matters most, isn't it?  

I do appreciate very much on the review items I have been receiving.  In a way, I feel encouraged that there are people out there who likes my styling.  Everyone needs to feel encouraged from time to time.  It's a good vibe that I like to pass it on.  So, I will try to do my best with a bit more time.

Style #2

What am I wearing?

Complete set of outfits except hair, earrings and gloves :  Glow Designs ~ Regina (orange)
Hair:  Lelutka ~ Awe [group gift]
Earrings:  je suis ~ isis
Gloves:  G Field ~ Rose Gloves 

Style #1

What am I wearing?

Complete set of outfits except hair and gloves :  Glow Designs ~ Regina (orange)
Hair:  PurpleMoon Creations ~ Ser Hair Attachment [can't be sure how I got this, but I know I didn't buy it]
Gloves:  G Field ~ Rose Gloves 

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