Thursday, 8 March 2012


I was being called cute a few times in the past.  I used to feel funny being called that way.  What I knew was, "cute" is used to call babies, young kids or puppies and animals, something dainty and tiny that makes you want to  hold them, cuddle them, pat them, pinch their cheeks or something that puts a sweet smile on your face!  Then, I found out that 'cute' in American can be used to describe good looking adult ladies and men too.  So now I am trying to get used to it and put on a grin whenever someone calls me cute.

In this picture below, I am wearing a sexy dress with quality textures.  This two-tone dress is AVALE's latest release, named Laylla.  It comes in all clothing layers which is very interesting, I think, because with some creativity, it can be worn in more than one way and different style.  Laylla is sold in 5 colour options.

AVALE is one of the sponsors for The Whore Couture Fair from 1st to 31st March.

Photography location:  Tea Time

What am I wearing?

Hair with hat:  MINA Hair ~ Liss  [Hat is texture changeable]
Necklace:  NHA! ~ Dana 
Left earring:  Glamorize ~ Night gala feather jewelry set (orange)
Bangles:  AVALE ~ Tahiti gold
Dress:  AVALE ~ Laylla brown
Belt:  COCO ~ Wrap skinny belt silver
Shoes:  J.H. Couture ~ Batya calf boots brown [Mesh]

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