Monday, 26 March 2012

Dressed For A Concert

Last week I took a breather from blogging after my last post on Fashion For Life event which has ended on Tuesday.  I got to know Ms Rulie Cisse was going to perform in the morning and it was high time I attend her piano performance after hearing so much about her from my friend and I had long bought myself a dress ready to wear for the concert.  

Though this time her performance was at an outdoor venue and no particular dress code stated, I had prepared myself in a cocktail dress instead.  I didn't want to loose too much time changing again.  I arrived at the venue just before the performance and adapted quickly into the majority Japanese audience.

Rulie Cisse is a very talented realtime piano improvisation performer.  When she started playing, I was in awe and then got so immersed in the melodic tunes until the end of the 1 1/2 hours performance.  The beautiful flowing tunes evoked my senses to a level I've never encountered.  It was a spectacular performance!  I am now a big fan of Ms Rulie Cisse.   

I am wearing:

Hair:  Boon ~ FNQ123 hair - chestnut
Jewelleries:  Eclectica Jewellery ~ Deco Knot earrings & necklaces
Dress & gloves set:  Aleida ~ Drews Choice - taube
Shoes:  Vita's Boudouir ~ Wrap Me (colour changeable)

Rulie Cisse in concert.  Video extracted from You Tube

Rulie Cisse perfomed at RY - 21 March 2012; 7am SLT

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