Saturday, 17 March 2012

Fantasy style, anyone?

These fantasies skins, Katsucide, are the newest release from Acide!  I am not a very big fan of fantasy skins, but this one I am wearing is so gorgeous and it is one of the four donated skins for Fashion For Life.    Katsucide Sandra Cendre skin comes in three tones - light, tan and dark.  Each tone has a dozen fantastic make-ups.

The dress I am wearing is designed by Luna Barak of Fantavatar & Moonstruck, a brand dedicated to the medieval and fantasy role play themes.  This unique dress with a touch of modern fantasy style is donated to Fashion For Life fund-raising event.  Luna Barak has stated, "the dress is playful and coloured as much as the best attitude everyone fighting cancer should have.  And this has been mainly the idea behind them to give a positive and strong thinking."  

Any colour earrings just go well with this playful coloured dress with Elemental's texture changeable Sensuous Wind earrings which has four choices of gem colour.

I have enjoyed putting together this fantasy style and I think bald looks great and fits perfectly!

Photography location:  DreamSeeker Vrijeme @ Fashion For Life 

I am wearing ...

Skin:  Acide! ~ [Katsucide] Sandra Cendre Automne (light) {Fashion For Life}
Earrings: Elemental ~ Sensuous Wind DS Spec Ed Earrings

Photography location:  DreamSeeker Vrijeme @ Fashion For Life

I am wearing...

Skin:  Acide! ~ [Katsucide] Sandre Cendre pourpe light {Fashion For Life}
Earrings:  Elemental ~ Sensuous Wind DS Spec Ed Earrings (texture changeable)
Clothes & Gloves:  Fantavatar Moonstruck ~ Squary [exclusive for FFL]  {Fashion For Life}

Photography location:  DreamSeeker Momentum @ Fashion For Life

I am wearing...

Hair:  Fantavatar ~ Squary Updo/black {Fashion For Life}
Skin:  Hush ~ Amy GlossyGrape cream {Fashion For Life}
Earrings:  Elemental ~ Vintage Ava texture chg
Dress:  Silken Moon ~ Vintage Dress Wrapped Silk purple (mesh) [gacha]  {Fashion For Life}
Shoes:  G Field ~ Flower Pumps Eve

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