Thursday, 17 May 2012

You Got USD1 to spare?

I have always think of Second Life is such a wonderful platform for many things, good things, that is. A platform for discoveries, including self-discovery.  It helps to connect people from around the world, building bridges, creating awareness, exploring our differences and similarities, finding and expressing ourselves, our talents.  

There have been many charitable events which brought many creators together to help raising donations.  Each event deserves everyone's attention.  I cannot think of any better way for us to enjoy shopping and playing in Second Life, knowing that our spending can also go to help the needs of another.  1USD won't make you become very poor (for many of us) but could feed someone.  It is true that 1USD could buy a day's meal in some countries.  A small contribution really makes a big difference!

The Ashraya project is now running in Second Life until June 4th, 2012.  Ahsraya means 'shelter' in Indian.  I found out, in real life, Ashraya is a Bangalore based organization set up to provide aids to Indian children in need and abused women.  An annual sponsorship of Indian Rupee 15,000 for one child covers the cost of education, books, food and clothing for the year.  This is around USD276, if my math is correct.

The Ashraya project in Second Life is founded by Anna Sapphire.  The month-long event was realised together with her capable and talented team members, 80 amazing designers, entertainers and sponsors.  More details on the website -

Life is full of definining moments ....

"There is a defining moment in every person's life.  Within that moment, everything that that person is, shines the brightest." - quoted by anonymous

..... what is yours?

I am wearing ....

Hair:  W&Y ~ Agata
Skin:  MyDear Skin ~ Querida [group gift]  
Gown (gloves included):  PurpleMoon Creations ~ Nala Gown in Pearl [now at The Ashraya Project for a limited time]
Jewelries:  Virtual Impressions ~ Karen in black pearls
Shoes:  Gos ~ Platform Pumps

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