Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A love that will last

I am a multi-tasker.  As usual, I would be in Second Life styling up, chatting with friends, and, in real life listening to music (or tv) in the background.  Yes ... 'listening' to tv...  I would only look up to the tv screen whenever something interesting or exciting plays up.

So there I go again, my tv is turned on and a movie which had been screened on the tv channel months ago is being re-screened in tribute to Mother's Day.  It was a tear-jerking movie and it reminded me of a friend who had sacrificed her own life to save her 3 children during the 2004 tsunami.  

There have been many real life stories about a mother's struggle and sacrifices for her children, but there were also many reported cases about mothers abusing her child and prostituting her daughter.  If we are not in any of such dreaded situations, then we should be thankful and feel blessed celebrating the joys of having a mother's nurturing love and care not just on one day but everyday.  

I am wearing...

Hair:  Exile ~ Violetta [at The Dressing Room Blue for a limited time!]
Skin:  MyDear ~ Grette Skin
Lipstick:  Ricielli - RHEA lipstick
Jewelries Set:  WTG ~ Honey [May's group gift - pay to join group]
Top (inner):  ISON ~ Cropped Bustier
Top (jacket):  The Secret Store ~ Eglantine - Floral
Skirt:  Molichino ~ Preppy (Mesh) [at The Tropicalia Bazaar for a limited time!]
Nails:  FineSmith Jewelry [previous hunt gift]
Shoes:  Haut Monde - Hondo Pumps

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