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It's Fashion Voodoo .... may be I am just a little too paranoid when I see the word "voodoo".  I guess it's because it's Hungry Ghost Festival (中元节)for the Chinese.  The festival falls in the 7th month of the Lunar Calendar, and today is the 7th day of the 7th month; generally Hungry Ghost Festival  is observed from the 1st to the 14th of the month. 

According to Chinese beliefs, the gates of hell are unlocked and ghosts and spirits are let to wander among the living during this period.  The superstitious would stay indoors at night or refrained from staying out late at night to avoid stepping on these ghosts and spirits.  At the same time, the festival is also celebrated in an "elaborated" way, or rather, a "bizarre" way on the street.  Rituals offerings of food and entertainment such as Chinese Puppet Show on the street are held by some local communities.  One may wonder why all the weeks-long entertainment but front row VIP seats are always empty with drinks and snacks in place.  Well, guess what?  They are reserved for VIP -Very Invisible Persons!!  The Chinese Puppet Show is getting rare in recent years and it is replaced with singing and dancing on a stage.  

The celebration continues until the last day of the festival with burning of incense and hell paper money, hell paper clothes, and more recently - hell paper mobile phones, or any 'luxury' items the mind could imagine, for the spirits to use in their world.  Once, I even saw LV Monogram prints on some LV-design paper handbags!  The festival is not only kind of scary but quite amusing too.

It seems I've went over the top today.  I am supposed to write about Legal Insanity at Fashion Voodoo in Second Life.  Yes, the event is still running until August 30th.  Legal Insanity has this exclusive Miami dress in a choice of eight colours selling at the event.  The dress is very pleasing and comfy to the eyes.  It's so versatile that you can dress up and style yourself in any style you like to suit any occasions and you will still look lovely!

I am wearing ...

Skin:  MyDear ~ Grette Skin - Sunkiss #6 (beauty mole not included)
Hair:  Alice Project ~ Kiera - Brown
Dress:  Legal Insanity ~ Miami Dress - Orange {Available at Fashion Voodoo only}
Lipstick:  L.Fauna ~ Lipstick - Orange
Earrings:  WTG ~ Honey earrings
Necklace:  WTG ~ Honey
Shoes:  N-core ~ Illusion Xtreme Heel - Brown

I am wearing  ...

Skin:  MyDear ~ Grette Skin- Sunkiss #1 (beauty mole not included)
Hair:  Exile ~ Hair Fair gift
Dress:  Legal Insanity ~ Miami dress azure {exclusive item at Fashion Voodoo}
Bag:  Crash Republic ~ Zigzag Tote (Vintage Fair free gift)
Shoes: S.G ~ Fringe Ankle Boot

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