Friday, 17 August 2012

Get ready for Show 2 at Sydney Fashion Week 2012

..... C'est la vie! .... presented by IMA Inc. and will be held at 8am tomorrow, Saturday, 18th August (SLT/PDT)!    

Yes!  SFW (Sydney Fashion Week) was officially opened this morning (17th August) with a fantastic performance by the Australian Guerilla Burlesque and a fabulous fashion show featuring IMA's models.  The region was full with 63 people!!!  Many had to stay off from the sim as it was not possible to get in.

In the line up over the next 6 days, there will be 16 fashion shows featuring awesome designs from 16 talented designers.   Check the schedule here.

I am wearing ...

Dress:  C'est la vie ~ Blousing Dress - Dot Green

I am wearing ...

Skirt:  C'est la vie ~ Summer Long Skirt - Hemp Brown

[Please send me a private message if you would like to have further details on all the outfits]

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Press Release

International Modeling Agency Inc.


S Y D N E Y   F A S H I O N   W E E K   TWENTY12
August 17 – 22, 2012

The Sydney Fashion Week will showcase different statements from casual chic to avant garde. Inspired by the wonderful and sophisticated ambiance of the inspired SYDNEY Harbour along with its extravagant and iconic landmarks. This event will focus on the impressive architecture brought to life through the collections that will walk on the runway.  We also had a very generous sponsorship of a huge cruise ship made by Aymec Millet which  is a  is multistory build of delight containing several theaters, bedrooms, and night clubs

There will be three stages. The opening show and the finale show will be held on a very artistic interpretation of the iconic Sydney Opera House. These shows will open with a short performance by the fantastic Australian Guerilla Burlesque.

One of IMA’s objectives to promote the fantastic sl fashion industry within the Australian community.    The buildings and features of the Sydney Harbour sim has been inspired by the iconic buildings of the Sydney Harbour.  Some shows will be showcased in fantastic high fashion runway .  The 17 shows will be executed over the magical bora bora water and guests will be seated on either of the IMA boats or yachts or sitting in the high couture runway.  All guests can also hop on any of the provided windsurfers and sail around the sim and the festivities.  Pick up an exclusive IMA Inc Sydney Fashion Week item or find the free treasurers on the sim.

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