Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Always Keep Your Feet On The Ground

Praise works wonders when it is done well as it raises someone's self-esteem and confidence, makes someone feels their efforts and hard work is acknowledged.  Whether it is to a kid or an adult, praise is one of the powerful forms of human interactions.      

But, some people does it with ulterior motives.  These people are smooth talkers, they would praise you sky high, make you feel like you are on cloud nine then the next thing you know is their true colours being revealed.

One day I was out shopping a girl IMed me, eloquently praising the way I looked, a little too excessively, I felt.  I am not quite too comfortable of being praised in such manner.  From my rather conservative upbringing, praises do not come around often, unless an outstanding achievement renders it.  Towards the end of the conversation, her ulterior motive was revealed - she asked for some Lindens!  I shared the experience with a friend and she too, had the same experience.

Can you tell a sincere praise from an insincere one?

Last week, Legal Insanity has new releases.  A full mesh Marlon Jacket for him and Marlene Jacket for her.  Both are sold in three colours - black, choco and dark blue.  The chic, stylish jacket comes with a HUD that controls the shirt.  You may choose to wear with or without the shirt, and there are also four colours of the shirt to choose from.  In these pictures, I am wearing the Marlene dark blue jacket with a white shirt matched with a pair of white sculpted-cuffed shorts in a casual laid-back but chic style.   

I have Polkadot Blue prim nails on me which are Bamboo's latest release.  These beautiful nails are scripted.  You can choose the different lengths out of three available, and paint your nails in any of the five different textures either on selected nails or all nails to create a unique style.

I am wearing ...

Hair:  W&Y ~ Agata Model 4 (Hair band is included, on/off option available)

Skin:  MyDear ~ Tonia Skin - Medium 5
Jacket:  Legal Insanity - Marlene Jacket - Dark Blue and white shirt (Full Mesh)
Shorts:  R.icielli ~ Eleanor High Waist Short - White (Non-mesh; sculpted cuffs)
Nails:  Bamboo Nails ~ Blue
Necklace:  Glow Studio ~ My Music Necklace - Gold
Bag:  RA ~ MyFanny Clutch - Print Blaq
Shoes:  Coco ~ Oxford Shoes Two Tone

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Anonymous said...

If that conversation started out "Kyoot avatar!" and then they gushed about how they've been out of SL for a while? Then Dove - it wasn't so much an insincere compliment with a motive... that's the new wave of begging bot. They are plaguing the grid at every event and hair store.