Thursday, 29 November 2012

I learned to say ... Thank You!

In my last post, I wrote about praises and compliments, sincere praises and the insincere Second Life new wave of beggars script.  It got me pondering further about how Asians respond to compliments, regardless of the compliments' sincerity.  I can't speak for all but I believe that majority of us Asians in this part of the world do respond in quite the same way.  

A lot of times we tend to deny it, sometimes we shy away from it or feel awkward by it, or sometimes we just smile and blush.  It may seems rude to respond that way but it is considered a modest behaviour in our culture.  Parents don't really teach a young child how to answer to compliments.  But as we become more expose to foreign cultures, in both reality and virtual world, we pick up some proper social etiquette.  Thanks to Second Life for the wonderful cross cultural experience!

Again this year, I am honoured to be selected as one of the official bloggers for Peace On Earth 5 Hunt due to start from December 1, 2012 and ends on January 6, 2013.  Yes, it is running for the 5th year and it is one of the largest hunt on the grid with the participation of 201 designers.  Everyone has 37 days to finish hunting all the hunt gifts.  You can't possibly finish it in one day!  I am not sure if there would be anyone who will do that.  But if you aim to get all the hunt gifts, spread out your hunt to 5 items a day for 37 days and this will make your life much easier!  Come back to visit my blog or subscribe it, as I will be covering some of the hunt items from these designers.
Here is a sneak peek of a hunt item on me.  It's the pair of lovely flats named Bally from Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes store.  I am wearing a sweet dollarbie mesh dress from Bowtique on Marketplace and I added a  pretty silky scarf made by my friend.  The result is a feminine-charm look.

I am wearing ....

Hair:  Alice Project ~ Kiera - Brown
Skin:  MyDear ~ Grette Skin - Sunkiss #6  (beauty mole not included)
Dress:  Bowtique ~ Ella Dress Pink & Teal Silk - Two Tone {Marketplace Store}
Shoes:  Lindy ~ Bally POE - Blk-Red-White {available from December 1st, 2012}
Scarf:  A special gift from a friend

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