Monday, 3 December 2012

Peace On Earth Gridwide Hunt started

Are you in the hunt yet?  It's day 3.  If you want to get all the 200 hunt gifts in 37 days, you should hunt 5 items average daily.  Check the hunter's guide here for hints.  Or take this SLurl to go to the starting point.

Here are two of my hunt gifts to begin with.  I will try to blog the hunt gifts in ascending order and hope that I can cover as much as I can so that we will move forward together, a few at a time.

I am wearing ....

POE (Peace On Earth) Hunt Gifts at L$0 :
Dress:  Sascha's Designs 
Skin:  Dulce Secrets ~ Glo.Sangria.Winter Glitter (V)

Hair:  Boon ~ FNQ123 - brown
Shoes:  G Field ~ Flower Pumps Eve - black

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