Thursday, 20 December 2012

"Where are you Christmas?"

Interesting post title, you may say.  I am more interested what is beyond those words but I will first write about this newest release by Legal Insanity.    

I have been wanting to get a catsuit, one that resembles Catwoman.  I know that a similar black latex catsuit was featured spectacularly on other blogs before, but I simply adore it.  I think Catwoman is probably the most stylish and coolest fictional heroine character among DC Comics characters after watching Halle Berry wearing it and doing her cat moves in the movie Catwoman.  

I was glad that Legal Insanity has released this Angelina Catsuit Collection last week (hmm.... my mind pictured Angelina Joline in the catsuit!).  It is a full mesh outfit which includes a pair of matching boots.  The Collection comes in five range of textures, i.e. Jeans, Flower Power, Mars, Optical, Optical 2, and each range offers 4 colour options.  I am wearing this perfect fitting Angelina Optical in beige colour with a micro black non-mesh top which is found separately at Rock Me Amadeus store.  To complete the look, I chose a short and sort-of-punky blonde hair.  Without long nails, I won't look like a cat at all, so I put on Shatters nails from Bamboo.  These pretty nails match my outfit very well.  It comes with a HUD and in it, there are so many options - paint, length and size.  There are five colours, four lengths and three sizes to choose from.  I am wearing the teal colour, small and size 10 nails.   You will enjoy playing mix and match with them!

I am wearing ....

Skin:  MyDear ~ Grette Skin - Pale #6
Catsuit and Boots:  Legal Insanity ~ Angelina Catsuit - Opti - Beige

I am wearing ....

Inner Top:  Rock Me Amadeus ~ Micro Top Sets - Black {available on Marketplace only}
Nails:  Bamboo ~ Shatters

I am wearing ...
Hair:  Vanity Hair ~ Lula - Essence [FFL Gacha]
Eyes Shadow:  Mystique ~ Tattoo Eye Layer Spring [past group gift] 
Eye Liner:  HS ~ Cats Eyeliner - Long
Lipstick:  Jomo ~ Girl Lip Gloss 07H Dark
Blusher:  Rozena ~ Orange Blusher Set

I have been listening to Christmas songs in various languages on You Tube lately.  It was refreshing and moving to hear the same tunes sung in other languages with such emotions and convictions.  I came across this song titled "Where Are You Christmas" sung by Faith Hill and I decided to make this the title of my post as I love this part of the song... "If there is love in your heart and your mind, you will feel like Christmas all the time".  If people have love in their hearts and mind, the world would be a much better place to live in ... lesser tragedies and lesser war.  

This song was re-recorded from a shorter version titled "Christmas, Why Can't I Find You?" which was for a year 2000 movie titled "How The Grinch Stole Christmas".  Now 12 years later, I don't mind watching this movie again as it is not only an enjoyable holiday movie but it also has a great morale in the story.  Christmas is really more than just gifts and presents, Santa Claus and Christmas trees.  If you are celebrating Christmas, I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS.  I pray and hope that you will find peace and joy this season.  May you be blessed with love and hope at wherever you are in whatever situations you may be.

Listen to this beautiful song ....


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