Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Communication Flaw

Is it wrong to address a person Ms, Miss, Mr or Mrs?  Some people see it as too formal, some see it as fake, some see it as good manners and some see it as respect for another human/avatar.  I think this is really a cultural thing because there is a huge cultural diversity that exist in Second Life.  Communication over cyberspace can be so flawed and we should not pass judgement too quickly.   

We may seem to 'look' the same and dress in the same style, but our upbringing and our cultural background aren't all the same.  We could easily misunderstood another who are of another culture or country, even the best of intentions!  Translators can never express the true meaning in one's language to another and it's not the fault of the translator, but because there are some words and expressions that don't exist in some languages.  Once I read an interesting article about cross cultural communication and it said that we can understand another culture through its language.  

About the outfits

This elegant dress on me is a new release by Russh Lussh.  Inspired by the real life Dior, the dress is made of sculpty skirt, sleeves, collar, belt and layers of undershirt and underwear.

I am also wearing one of the new release nails from Bamboo Nails, Berry Blue.  All of Bamboo Nails are  fun and exciting with a HUD provided that allows us 5 changeable polishes to mix and match each nail as we wish, and there are also 3 nail sizes to choose from.      

I am wearing ....

Skin:  Swan ~ Milena - Cream 002
Lipstick:  Russh Lussh ~ Lushious Red
Hair:  Alice Project ~ Kiera - Brown
Earrings:  WTG ~ Pearly Shell
Dress:  Russh Lussh ~ Black Dior {New Release} [sculpted dress]
Nail:  Bamboo Nails ~ Berry Blue {New Release} 
Shoes:  R2 ~ Kapua - Silver
Stocking:  WRstudio ~ Stockings more black

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