Thursday, 23 May 2013

It's Up To Me

In the past one month, I've been walking around with emotions on an extreme plane.  Too inspired, too assured, too hopeful, too confident, too eager, too frustrated, too upset, too disappointed, too disgusted ....

If the change yearned by not just one alone but by the masses, if everyone has prayed so hard, if everyone has stick together so faithfully, if everyone has given their all, yet the change didn't happen .... will people throw in the towels and everything be status quo again?  Not just yet, because in their desperate struggle and pain, the people are awakened!

My Picks Of The Day

I'm most happy when I could find a perfect sim to make some wonderful snapshots in the clothes I want to blog!  And this is that fulfilling day!  I was all dressed up and ready to explore a wonderful sim, when I found Hazardous.  I teleported over to the sim and arrived on tiled floor in the sky, clicked on one of those loose tiles which has a funny animation and saw myself falling from the sky to the ground.  The sim has its own regional windlight setting which makes it a perfect sim to totally enjoy the creator's work! 

I am wearing ....

Skin:  Swan ~ Lucy - Cream 001 (without mole)
Lipstick:  Glamorize ~ Summer Lips - Blue Steel
Hair with hat:  Love Soul ~ Hair+Cap 020-A - Cocoa
Sunglasses:  Legal Insanity ~ Solo Sunglasses - Black
Top:  Legal Insanity ~ Lia Hoodie - Silver
Bottom:  Legal Insanity ~ Hippie Chic Jeans - Washed Blue
Bangles:  WTG ~ Mid Summer Bangle
Nails:  Bamboo Nails ~ Drow
Nails:  Bamboo Nails ~ Love
Shoes:  N-core ~ 3" Ankle Boots (past group gift)

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I'm wearing two separate sets of Bamboo Nails, Drow and Love.

My snapshot of Hazardous sim.

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