Wednesday, 19 June 2013

I Want To Move In

As I was searching for a photo-shooting site, I stumbled upon this exquisite house called The Patron House which is the latest design by multi award-winning artist and designer Eliza Wierwight.  The luxurious Patron is up for sale in furnished and unfurnished versions.  Further details can be found near the landing point at The Patron.  Go visit and be enthralled by what you will see!    

I admire this fabulous house so much, I just had to pose for a snapshot.

Nails by Bamboo

I am wearing ....

Skin:  Swan ~ Milena - Cream 003 Cleavage (mole not included)
Lipstick:  (top layer)  Blackliquid Makeup ~ Just gloss;  (bottom layer)  L.Fana Lipstick ~ Pink 1
Hair:  Truth ~ Caprice - Almond
Dress:  Soul ~ Nanny Mesh Gown - Grizzle Chevron
Earrings:  WTG ~ Isis Ear Pierce
Bangle:  WTG ~ Isis Bangle
Nails:  Bamboo Nails ~ Red Set
Shoes:  Cliche ~ Citta Stiletto - White

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