Tuesday, 18 June 2013

I did my best but my best wasn't good enough

Woke up early in the morning feeling great, looking forward to finish the long list of to-dos and, happily saying to myself - carpe diem!  After taking care of the priorities, I logged in to Second Life to blog as usual. But what I found there in Second Life shocked me, it spoiled my day.  I was hurt and very disappointed.  It broke how I perceived someone who was generous and considerate.  I'm a responsible person, who likes to do a good job, do my best, and meet another's expectation.  My friend said I'm a perfectionist and I demand too much of myself.  But it was merely the lack of understanding and trust for that kind of breakdown.

Feeling hurt, I went around the grid seeking for a place I could bury my feelings, calm down and forget the incident.  And I found myself going back to this sim with colourful trees and flowers.  They are a sure mood booster!

I am wearing....

Skin:  MyDear ~ Viola Skin - Medium (mole not included)
Hair:  Elikatira ~ Return - Brown 04
Dress:  Soul ~ Mesh Striped Dress - Yellow (Group Gift.  Pay L$5 to join Soul group)
Shoes:  VG ~ Ballet Bow Flat - Colour Change (available at Marketplace)
Handbag:  MG ~ Purse - Denim Daisy (colour change daisy)
Necklace:  Burroughs ~ Lovingly Burroughs Necklace 
Bangle:  Coco ~ Bangles Natural 03

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