Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Delete Account

One of my very first SL friends told me that she was leaving SL when her premium membership expired.  It was not a joke or fake.  She was a very good friend whom I had grown together with and shared some wonderful times since newbies.

She was not just leaving SL, but, she was also deleting her account.  This leaves no room for turning back once it is deleted, it will be gone forever.  Everything would just vanished ... all the wonderful collections in her inventory, shopping time and money spent in her 5 years would be gone.  To her, this is an experience, an experiment, a hypothesis, on how it feels to give up one's treasures, one's name, one's reputation, one's everything and.... one's life.  Before her 'death', as in real life, she gave away mementos to her dearest friends and transferred assets to the people who would benefit from her years-long work.

The last thing she told me was, you won't be asked to reconfirm your deletion after hitting the "Delete Account" button.  So there is no way you could make a last minute change of mind, except, writing to Linden Lab may probably re-activate it.  But, she didn't change her mind and I shall miss her forever in Second Life.
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Anonymous said...

Well I hit that cancel account button once by mistake and you are asked to reconfirm the decision. You can pay $9.95 to get the account back if you do go through with it but the inventory may be gone even if the name comes back.

I have had a number if friends go for good and only one did the kill account thing ( aside from those folks that knew they were real life dying and were closing up). I think it is massively selfish and frankly stupid to cancel an account.

It is human nature to at some point what to see what is going on and catch up with friends. Even if it is months or years later. The trash the account is needlessly nasty to friends. I am sorry you had that happen.

Dove Triellis said...

Hi, thanks for reading my blog and thanks for your comment.

I think, similar to real life, taking one's own life is seemed to be a selfish act but it's not an easy thing to do either. There is also the other side of the story which we may never really know. I guess, "let go and be free" is what she tried to achieve.

As for the procedures on account deletion, you are right. My friend must have overlooked that part on reconfirming the decision.