Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sunny Days Everyday

While people around me in real life complains about the hot bright sun and how the trees and grass are drying up, my friends from across the seas complain about the extreme cold and wet weather over at their place.  I never have to worry about carrying extra clothes or wearing enough to keep me warm when I step outside.  All I need is a pair of sunglasses in my handbag and an umbrella within my reach, if the rain comes.

Only in my fashion fantasy, I could wear a winter coat like this one from Tokyo Girl.  Thanks to Second Life® and all its awesome fashion designers and creators, I can now virtually dress-up in an ensemble like this. 

Lilit Coat, as it is named, is designed by Tokyo Girl's designer Circe Ishtari.  There are 7 choices of textures combinations for coat, lace and cuff.  If these choices make it too hard to decide on one, then there is another one that comes with a HC (HUD control) which allows texture changes on coat, lace and cuff/collar.

I am wearing ....

Hair:  Miss C. ~ Audrey - Red
Skin:  Tokyo.Girl ~ Skin Amelia - Natural
Coat:  Tokyo.Girl - Lirit Coat - All Color
Shoes:  Milano ~ Ankle Hells (texture changeble)
Legging:  Miao ~ Onyx Ribbed Tights
Nails:  Bamboo Nails ~ Spring Peach Set

Nails worn on me

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