Thursday, 3 November 2011


As I was styling up for my new blog posting and listening to the radio, this song struck a chord in me.  It stopped me from doing my work and I took a look at the song title displayed in my local chat and went on to search for it on You Tube.  Such a meaningful song this is!  I just had to share it...

♪   Questions ♪  - sung by Asa
Tell me how many women shall their dreams come to past
Tell me how many movies turn out real
There are so many questions
Questions how hard to ask
So you can understand exactly how I feel

Tell me how many people wish they were someone else
Someone that think the world wants them to be
Tell me how many babies will be born just to die
Leaving me with these questions
Asking why

Tell me how the trees whisper
How the birds learn to sing
And how does the rainbow stay the same
How the bees make their honey
How do they  learn to sting
Can a broken heart get back to heal

How do  people get so busy they don't find time to love
What's the truth behind why people go to war
Why is it so many religions yet there's so little to love
Will I ever get to know the truth some day

When the youth's gonna dare - where's the elder who really cares
Why do people believe things they know aren't true
When you look into the mirror who do you see
Why do we have to grow to be wise

After satisfying myself with a dose of this song, this is the ensembles I have put together.  :D

What am I wearing?

Skin:  **JOMO** Girl skin 0093C
Dress:  Mimikri Sauza taupe - at this week's The Dressing Room Blue
Shoes: [LeLutka] ~ Saffron Pumps
Hair:  Damselfly ~ Karolyne
Earrings:  *League* ~ Pearls & Lace
Necklace:  {*Aglaia*} ~ Cream Pearl 
Nails:  Candy Nail ~ #VD2011

If you wish to know the detailed information about my outfits, please send me a private message or email,
I will gladly provide them to you.

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