Wednesday, 29 February 2012

What a day!

Today, 29th February 2012, marks a leap day, an extra day added to February every four years (that is every leap year).  Happy Leap Year!!  And also.... Happy Birthday to those who were born on this day!!  I know... everyone likes to joke around about people whose birthday today.  I don't know of anyone who was born on this day in real life or rezz day in SecondLife.  Do they really celebrate their birthdays once in four years??
My style of the day is a blue mesh dress.  I absolutely love this blue and it's hard to find it in the stores.  The dress is a one whole piece worn with an alpha attachment.  I like mesh tight skirts and dresses as they don't have any prims attached to the base pants bottom which often don't look very fine.  I am also wearing a mesh hair in the picture.  Hair is the easiest and nicest thing to wear as I don't have to edit my head or my body!  

What am I wearing?

Hair :  Alice Project ~ Kiera - brown
Jewelries :  WTG ~ Kaleidoscope - black (new)
Dress :  Ricielli Mesh ~ Marchesa dress
Nails :  WTG ~ Drops
Shoes :  R2 ~ Kapua - silver

Photography location:  EPOCH event venue - Forgotten City

March Mesh Madness, the upcoming event dedicated to all things mesh from clothing to furniture, is starting from 1st March and will be running for two weeks.     

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