Friday, 13 April 2012

Face Reading

Face reading was an ancient Chinese practice used in medicine.  But it has evolved over the years.  In current times, face reading is adopted as part of feng shui analysis (Chinese fortune-telling).  Each face is like a map, the facial feature reveals a person's character and personality traits.  It is also believed that face reading could help to unlock a person's future, fate and fortune.  To my knowledge, there are men who would get their eyebrows plucked to "correct" their fate.  Most of us, in some ways, are face readers ourselves.  We meet new people everyday, the first impressions forms part of a non-verbal communication which makes us like or dislike a person.

In Second Life too, we choose skins that we like for our avatar and we form some of our impressions about the characters from these faces.  And so... here, you are seeing me in this picture, wearing a new skin by MyDear which is named Justina, with my regular shape.  So .... if every face has a story to tell ... what would it be for this?

I am wearing ...

Skin:  MyDear ~ Justina Skin - Deep tan 6HB (excludes beauty mole)
Hair:  Amacci ~ Electra - Coffee
Top:  LIZ ~ Antique Corset - White
Bottom:  LeeZu ~ Brit Pants - Violet
Bangles & Bracelets:  Mandala ~ Milky Way - White
Nails:  Candy Nail ~ Resort Beach Cocktail
Shoes:  J.H. Couture ~ Caprice Mesh High Heels - White
Anklet:  Aglaia ~ Glam Ankle Bracelet

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