Wednesday, 27 June 2012

It's not easy but it's worth it

Today, I'm going to rant about my experience on last Saturday's live audition.  This is a warning in case you don't like my rantings so you could skip these paragraphs and just go straight to the styling credits of my entry for Miss Bliss Couture 2012 Contest formal wear.

I have prepared well before Bliss Couture Pre-finalists live audition.  Days before the audition, I carefully selected my poses, my walks and made sure my outfits were adjusted precisely.  I practised over and over again; checked everything several times, and was satisfied.  The live audition was a big thing for me as it was my very first.

On that day, I was very cool.  I knew what I had to do when I walk out on the runway.  Attended GLANCE Modeling Academy helps a great deal in events like this.  I did exactly what I learned.  

Bliss gave us the options to walk on one of the two days and I thought this was very well organised as it fit my time zone very well.  The pre-finalists were told to be there 30 mins earlier, but I got there an hour earlier instead ... to get warmed up, tee-hee!!!

Crowd gradually built up.  By the the time the audition was about to start, there were around 50 avatars in the sim.  Half of that number was the contestants, all beautiful and fabulously styled.  I saw a few familiar names among them.  I began to feel a bit laggy, can't escape from it.  I kept my fingers crossed, hoping that I won't crashed while on the runway.

I was almost at the end of the queue and our first walk was in casual wear.  This was my favourite part and I had wished it to be my best performance.  Unfortunately, I made a small mistake and could only hope that it had gone unnoticed.  After finishing my walk, just when I reached the backstage, lag overcomed me and I crashed.  Phew!  That was close, I thought.  The next walk was in formal wear.  I got cold feet when I finished my last pose on the runway.  I had a big problem suddenly, my screen was flickering and freezing so badly.  That's my biggest fear!!!  I could read the coordinator asking me to respond.  My mind was calling out 'mayday mayday mayday' as I was on the verge of crashing on the runway and wasn't able to do anything.

By this time, my heart was pounding so fast.  I was holding up the whole audition!  Then a quick thought came and I had my hands off from the keyboard and let my pc stabilized.  After 2 minutes, my pc got back to normal, and I managed to walk back to backstage.  Again, at this time I crashed.

So.... Is there really such thing as perfect preparation that produces perfect performance?  Have you ever come away from an audition feeling you could have performed better?

I concluded that, there is only so much that I can be prepared.  Other variables which are beyond my control do exist.  Anything could go wrong during a show.  The lag that could kill my (not so high-end) pc, my performance or others performance that could affect everyone.  And it's only through experience that we know what to expect and how to manage it.

I am wearing ....

Hair:  Bliss Hair ~ Juicy - Chocolat
Gown:  Bliss Mesh ~ Seeka Gown {Mesh}
Jewellery Set:  Virtual Impression ~ Kerry Earrings & Necklace
Nails:  Finesmith ~ gold [past hunt gift]
Shoes:  N-Core ~ Illusion Extreme Heels

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