Thursday, 11 October 2012

Online Shopping?

At L$49, this is amazing!  But wait, it's NOT one of the following dresses.  It's for ALL which I am wearing in these pictures!  Not just that, there are 6 MORE different textures of the same design!!  Wait... not only that!  There are matching sets of necklace, earrings and bracelets in 6 texture change stones, AND, 12 texture change flats!!!  Are you blown away?  I found it on a Marketplace store's promo item and it's not at inworld.

For many of us who like to shop on Marketplace while login to SL or not (like I often do), there is a new group opened last week for merchants and shoppers.  This group is named MarketPlace To You [MP2U]. Shoppers could now receive merchants updates about their stores on Marketplace.  The founder, Tohto Xue, invites all to join and there is no cost for joining. 

What's in it for shoppers and merchants?  Obviously, these are the main points:

For shoppers:
  • Receive updates about Marketplace stores, e.g. sales, promos, new releases, gifts, etc.
  • Shop anywhere you want!
  • No awful lag in a store during store sales.
  • No issues on "teleport failed".

For merchants:
  • Reach out to 'online' shoppers (i.e. Marketplace avid shoppers).
  • Great platform for Marketplace store owners without inworld stores to promote their products.
  • Extend your marketing initiatives to Marketplace store.
  • Be found in Marketplace!  Elevate from the others, not wait to be found.

To join, there are two ways:

1)   MP2U inworld group, copy and paste the following link to your local chat, click and you will get the  
      group profile where you can join the group.  


2)   MP2U at Facebook, visit and request to join.  


I am wearing all available on Marketplace stores only ...

Hair (sculpted):
Second Life Marketplace - [J.e] Cory - Baker's Pack 

Rigged Mesh Dress, Sculpted Jewelries,  Non-Rigged Mesh Ballerinas: 
Second Life Marketplace - To Be Unique - Alyssa Outfit (Rigged Mesh Dress) ..::PROMO::..

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Harshal Shah said...

That was really brilliant collection to share with us. This all style are western and more demand for market. At this time online shopping is really great way to buying easily.