Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Youthful, Classy, Fresh!

MyDear has released a new skin named May.  It comes in six makeups and four bosom cup sizes in each of its six skin tones.  As usual, Medium skin tone is my favourite and I have picked makeup 2 for this photo shoot.  I think it made me look so luminous and youthful.  I absolutely adore MyDear Skins because they always look so good on me as if they are made just for me. ;)     

I'm wearing:
Skin:  MyDear ~ May Skin - Medium 2
(beauty mole not included)

For L$49, I got these which I am wearing .... a 12 texture change dress, 6 texture change jewellery seen in this picture and also a pair of 12 texture change matching flats not shown here.  To know where I got them, you will have to come back and check my next blogpost which will be up very soon!  Cheers!

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