Thursday, 17 January 2013


Seen on the picture above, I am wearing Swan's Glamour Skinline - Lucy, in cream tone.  Lucy comes in five skin tones, besides cream the other tones are fair, ivory, noire and tan.  Every tone includes six makeups and two breast styles.  Lucy is one of the two skins in Glamour line by Swan and it is also my second Swan skin.  I love both so much that I was torn choosing one of them to be my regular skin!!  

Issac Newton saw an apple fell from a tree and thought deeply about it.  Why things fall downward and not out to the moon?  His great insight led him to discover the Law of Gravity.

I have just visited Citysphere in Second Life which is a floating sphere city, well of course, that is how the name Citysphere came about.  You may find yourself against gravity if you don't follow the 'law' which is simply click the ground to get a red cube and sit on it, then walk.  Now, can you imagine walking on a sphere?   This very cool city is said to have 132 buildings erected on it and here is the challenge.... attempt to count the numbers of buildings on it if walking around the city has not got you giddy and nausea yet!  Thanks to the builder of Citysphere, Freeloops Zanzibar and the walk scriptor, Slove Mode, for the splendid work! Please do not miss it, the exhibit runs throughout the month only.  Take the landmark at the bottom of my post.  

Original snapshot of me at Citysphere

It was not easy to take a good snapshot at Citysphere but it was really fun!  I have spent two days to finish exploring, walking, and photo shooting on the sim.  I then edited and rotated the original picture to the one below to showcase my outfits precisely.

I am wearing ...

Skin:  Swan ~ Lucy - Cream 005 (mole not included)
Hair with Hat:  Amacci Hair ~ Embla - Brown Sugar {FREE group gift}
Top:  gO ~ Fur Jacket( rigged mesh)
Skirt:  Simplecandy ~ Mesh Trip Skirt - Brown
Shoes:  Etchaflesh ~ Mary Pains - Chocolate
Earrings:  Swallow ~ Lion Earrings (texture change hud included)
Necklace:  ME Jewelry Design - Lilium Necklace - Gold-Black
Leggings:  Miao ~ Ribbed Tights - Dark Jasper

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