Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Post Holidays Blues

Seven days into 2013 and I am still having post holidays blues.... or is it the weather that is affecting my mood?  I am dragging my feet and I can't seem to be working faster than I want to.

So I played with this collection of sculpted nails which I just got from Bamboo Nails.  It has a HUD with three exciting features.   A feature that allows me to paint an individual nail or all nails from the five choices of colour polishes, change the length of the nails and of course the size can be changed too.  Please see pictures below on how the HUD looks.  Bamboo Nails has many other collections with similar features in a HUD worth checking out at their main store. 

If painting nails can change one's mood, then that did!  I got myself dressed in these giraffe texture outfit and matching brown boots then adorned with a necklace and put on my sunglasses and there I was, off to Amsterdam to continue my exploration.     

The end result was a minimalist chic look ....as quoted by Leonardo Da Vinci "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" .... no?

I am wearing ....

Skin:  Swan ~ Lucy - Ivory 002 Claveage (without mole)
Hair:  Head Mistress ~ Rolling Tides - Brown 3
Dress:  Liv-Glam ~ Winter 2012 - Laurent Wrap Dress
Boots:  J.H. Couture ~ Batya Calf Boots Mesh - Brown/Gold
Nails:  Bamboo Nails ~ Natural Reverse French https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Bamboo-Nails-Natural-Reverse-French/4238972
Necklace:  Kunglers Extra ~ Bellis 
Sunglasses:  DeLa ~ Del for Ladies

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