Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Style Icon

Sometimes I'm a little confused when someone is portrayed as one of the style icons.  The person is someone I've never heard of, in my limited knowledge of who's who in the fashion, style, celebrity circles.   And sometimes I'm smitten by someone on the list of style icons that I occasionally browse in the fashion magazines while at the hair salon .  This got me thinking about what defines a style icon and who is my style icon or icons.

I would think style icons have these characteristics:  They are someone who have made an impact with their unique style, they are seen and heard everywhere, and they influenced the style whom many like to emulate, and their style is timeless in which people still talk about and obsessed with it many decades later. 

Now in Second Life, The Style Icon fashion fair will unfold designs inspired by past and present style icons, creatively interpreted and re-introduced by some of Second Life well-known designers.  Take note of these dates and make time to visit the Fair:  February 7 to 28, 2014.

Meanwhile, here is my first showcase of outfits from The Style Icon fashion fair.

I am wearing ....

Skin:  New Faces ~ Chloe - Pale (without mole)
Makeup:  Eyeshadows:  Fishy Strawberry ~ Kokeshi Eyes v.2  - Fresh Glitter | Lipstick:  Fishy Strawberry ~ Kokeshi Gloss - Bronze
Hair:  D!va Hair ~ Astralia - Black Amber
Apparel:  KL Couture ~ Mademoiselle Coco - Brown (Bundled:  jacket, miniskirt, pants, necklace & bracelets)  <<coming soon at The Style Icon fashion fair>>
Shoes:  BSD Design Studio ~ Meditrina - Gold <<coming soon at The Style Icon fashion fair>>
Nails:  Bamboo Nails ~ Golden Set

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Kyria Lowenstark said...

Thanks for your awesome post! I love those photos so much; hugs ;)

Dove Triellis said...

You're very welcome, Kyria. *hugs back*